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"Tomorrow's Solution, Today's Innovation"
Environmental Solution for the Future

Management, consultation and installation

We apply our extensive experience of installation work for flood-risk management devices, petroleum-based geosynthetic liners to mitigate underground water / sub-terranian earth contamination in landfills and marine system solutions. Our spirit of continued innovative research and development enabled us to design work for landfill gas extraction and flaring systems to better meet our customers’ needs. Our main services are:

Our Approach

At Tai Hoe, we have wide-ranging skills required for the co-ordination, planning, design and supervision of the construction of flood protection/mitigation and environmental projects. Our extensive experience provides clients with the impetus to invest in the right solutions and understand the long-term benefits of the selected solution implemented. The products and designs are technically excellent, innovative, environmentally friendly, safe, sustainable and affordable. Our staff, supported by globally renowned technology and materials, can ensure that our clients will understand the condition of existing assets and the need for better state-of-the-art systems to complement or enhance their existing assets. We provide solutions that utilize sustainable, ecological infrastructure and construction methods; with lower cost maintenance, that are adaptable to future climate changes and are environmentally friendly.