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GPT Installation in Setiu, Terengganu
Project Overview

  The project itself was an introduction of the firm’s core operation and services. The supply and delivery process is a very straight forward work that would require minimal monitoring and directions from the firm to the client.

  Throughout the three days of work, we learned on the steps, resources management and control of work. Also, it was learned that there are many aspects that was to be considered in making the work according to the project plan. Conditions such as weather, soil conditions, material resources delivery and coordination of manpower is crucial to avoid escalation in costs and how one would manage it, reducing risks and other factors that might stall or delay the work.

  The Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) device is a product in contributing in mitigating the environmental impact in the ongoing development in the country. Nevertheless, skillful resources made available was also the main factor of the success of the project.