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Management, consultation and installation

Product Consultation

Our product consultation and applications services range from:
  - Earthwork preparation and reinforcements - Expertise in landfill lining systems, earth canals and earth ponds;
  - Managing stormwater, drainage, irrigation and land irrigation;
  - Structural waterproofing;
  - Storage tanks lining;
  - Provide protections to ports, harbours and jetties from impact by sea vessels using custom designed marine fenders systems.

Our firm provides consultation on the products and installation work to be carried out that will suit the project requirements and existing site conditions. Developers, contractors or consultants are encouraged to touch base with us on getting the right product to that is customized to function on to the envisioned project objectives. We offer site investigation, product suitability analysis and provide the rightfully recommended product in our services. Our extensive experienced allows us to identify suitability and compatibility to the works and surroundings with our products.

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