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KUB-Berjaya Enviro Sdn Bhd Won Singapore Environmental Award

Post created on: September 20, 2013

KBE Award Ad - The Star 2 September 2013                           Article from The Sun Daily, Malaysia
(Source: Advert, The Star, Malaysia, September 2, 2013)         (Source: The Sun Daily, Malaysia, August 23, 2013)

Tai Hoe Resources Sdn Bhd (THRSB) and Geoplus Enviro Sdn Bhd (GESB) extent our congratulations to our client, KUB-Berjaya Enviro Sdn Bhd (KBE) on winning the award from Singapore Environment Council at the Singapore Environmental Achievement Award 2013 for "CDL Outstanding Singapore Environmental Achievement Award" and "DPS Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Regional)".

KBE won the award for its excellent work in operating high technology sanitary landfill and production of green energy at Bukit Tagar Sanitary Landfill at Bukit Tagar, Daerah Hulu Selangor, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Congratulations again from us at Tai Hoe Resources Sdn Bhd and Geoplus Enviro Sdn Bhd.

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